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Extremely. One of the greatest hurdles we needed to address in the design and testing phases was durability. All three units are built to military specifications and beyond.

Every unit comes with a 1-year warranty covering all components for manufacturers defect or unit failure. If you would like greater peace-of-mind, there is an extended warranty that can be purchased at the time the order is placed that extends warranty coverage for an additional 2-years for a warranty of 3-years total.

Absolutely not! One of the most unique aspects of the main unit is the proprietary and patented air-manifold design. According to one of the lead designers, you could pump water through the main unit without negatively affecting operation.

Absolutely. The main unit, when closed will actually float and is completely water tight. The units are designed for extreme conditions, they are impervious to the elements and temperature extremes.

Anywhere within the train yard. The units require a repeater system and antenna to cover the yard allowing the units to communicate with each other. There is an "extreme" portable unit that requires the use of add-on antennas that allows the unit to be used outside the defined area of the communications network. There is also a cellular option available.

Yes. The touch screens on the handheld unit and the main unit allow the user to input data even with gloves on.

The batteries are rated to last more than an entire day of use without replacement. Batteries are affected by age and operating temperature but with the external power options always available, even the most aggressive use should only require charging once a day.

The units need calibration every year, 365 days of use. We can handle the annual calibration for you either on site or with units shipped back to our facility.

No, there is no on-going cost of operation to the units. Once installed, the units can be used as much as possible without any usage charges for the data transmission.

Yes, the Yard Master™ is a permanent stand attached to yard air and power. It can operate on multiple tracks using the traditional handheld unit and end-of-train device.

The units are capable of functioning properly in temperature extremes from -22°F to 120°F for units with the incorporated "Air Slip" printer. Without the internal printer, the units operate within a temperature range of -30°F to 120°F.

Safety Orange is our primary color, but we can discuss custom colors for specified products upon request.

Many things. The units are primarily designed to complete Class 1 air brake testing. They are also fully compliant for AFM testing. The end-of-train unit can be used as a stand alone, highly accurate air pressure gauge. The main unit and hand held can be used for repair functioning on brake systems to remotely operate brakes.

The hand-held remote unit batteries are rechargeable, Li-On batteries. The Brake-Boss™ main unit and the end-of-train unit incorporate nickel metal hydride batteries for stability and increased low temperature life. Each unit is supplied with internal batteries as well as external power port options for uninterrupted use. The handheld unit uses a specific battery and the end-of-train device and the main unit share the same type of internal battery. In total, the units come with batteries, external 12 volt power options and a high-capacity quick charging attachment to keep all the batteries fully charged.

The units are made and assembled in the United States.

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