The Brake-BossTM Digital Air Brake Testing Device

The Brake-Boss™ from Connected Controls Corporation is the first and only, fully functional, digital air brake testing device for trains of any length. Designed and engineered with the rigors of your environment and the extreme demands placed on your equipment; the Brake-BossTM can meet and exceed your needs day in and day out.

The Brake-BossTM is a complete air brake testing solution for meeting your yards air brake testing compliance needs.

Keeping your trains, employees, costs and safety concerns ON TRACK!

Finally, a complete solution for quick and compliant Class 1 air-brake testing. The Brake-BossTM is also capable of completing Class 1A, Class 2, Class 3 and Air Flow Method. There is a new Canadian version that completes the Number 1 air brake test as well.

Four units comprise the complete system capable of testing trains from 1 to 200 cars. Communication range can cover the entire yard.

Designed to afford the user complete compliance with all air brake testing requirements, the Brake-BossTM offers Class 1, Class 1A, Class 2 and Class 3 air brake testing with 100% accurate and verifiable results… guaranteed. Fully integrated components communicate seamlessly from the head of the train to the end of the train and right to the yard foreman’s office. Testing is quick and requires less manpower than traditional air brake testing, allowing for cost savings as well as quicker turn-around on trains and tracks.

The units, designed to meet and exceed military specifications, are as durable as they are easy to use.

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Brake-BossTM Components


  • Operates stand alone or by hand-held remote
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Convenient instructions prompting user actions


  • Allows the user to move about the train when testing
  • Communicates necessary testing information without any additional user input


  • YardMasterTM is the permanent trackside stand for the Brake-BossTM digital air brake tester.
  • The YardMasterTM is capable of testing multiple trains on different tracks at the same time.
  • Permanent attachment to the yard air supply and power increases train turn-around time and ease of operation.


  • Allows for real-time communication between the units over the entire yard


  • Capture all the information from the units from power on cycles to test results and print, sort or maintain a database for compliance


  • Real-time printing of every use of the units. Keep a hard copy for your compliance records or print an air slip (engineer notification) with each testing cycle

The Brake-Boss In Action