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Extremely. One of the greatest hurdles we needed to address in the design and testing phases was durability. All three units are built to military specifications and beyond.

Every unit comes with a 1-year warranty covering all components for manufacturer's defect or unit failure. If you would like greater peace-of-mind, there is an extended warranty that can be purchased at the time the order is placed that extends warranty coverage for an additional 2-years for a warranty of 3-years total.

Absolutely. The main unit, when closed is completely water tight. The units are designed for extreme conditions, they are impervious to the elements and temperature extremes.

Yes. The touch screens on the handheld unit and the main unit allow the user to input data even with gloves on.

The units need calibration every year, 365 days of use. We can handle the annual calibration for you either on site or with units shipped back to our facility.

The units are capable of functioning properly in temperature extremes from -30°F to 120°F for units with the incorporated air slip printer.

Many things. The units are primarily designed to complete Class 1 air-brake testing. They are also fully compliant for AFM testing as an option. The system can be used to fully test an EOTD. The main unit and hand held can be used to remotely set and release brakes on the train consist for brake diagnostics.

The units are made and assembled in the United States.

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