Meet The Brake-Boss<span style='font-weight:normal'>®</span>

Meet The Brake-Boss®

Automated air-brake testing keeping your trains, employees, costs and safety concerns on track.


Completed train air-brake tests and counting...

Introducing the groundbreaking Brake-Boss® family of products - cutting-edge Class 1 (plus Canadian version) digital air-brake testing devices tailored for trains of all sizes; saving time, reducing costs and increasing the accuracy of air-brake testing. Meticulously crafted to tackle the rigorous demands of your rail yard, these innovative tools are set to revolutionize air-brake testing. Whether using the multi-track YardMaster® system or the Brake-Boss Portable®, get ready to surpass all expectations in your yard with the exceptional performance of Brake-Boss®.

The Brake-Boss Family of air-brake testing products.

Why Use Brake-Boss Air-Brake Testing?

Save Time & Money

- Reduce rail yard costs and increase efficiency with the Brake-Boss® digital air-brake tester. Try our Savings Calculator.

Ensure Compliancy

- Ensure all your rail cars are compliant to required government standards and eliminate potential costly fees & penalties.

App Controlled

- Control air-brake tests from the palm of your hand with the Brake-Boss® App.

Analytics & Reporting

- Real-time reporting via the web or your mobile device via the Brake-Boss® Dashboard.

Data Integration

- Integrate air-brake test data with your back-end system using the Brake-Boss® API.


- Our products are customized to fit the needs of your specific rail yard.

Proof is in the numbers.

You want real numbers? We got 'em.

Brake-Boss® units have successfully tested an impressive 23,864,791 rail cars throughout North America. The Brake-Boss® system excels with an average time of 33m 24s for a full train test (average train length is 85 cars), which averages to just 23 seconds per rail car. Imagine the incredible savings these efficient numbers could bring to your rail yard. Curious to discover the potential savings? Try out our Savings Calculator tool today.

Savings Calculator

The Brake-Boss® At Work

The YardMaster®

Introducing the YardMaster® - the ultimate trackside tool designed to house the revolutionary Brake-Boss® digital air-brake tester. With the YardMaster®, you can effortlessly conduct simultaneous tests on multiple trains across various tracks. Its seamless integration with the yard air supply and power not only boosts train turn-around time but also ensures smooth and efficient operations.

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The Brake-Boss® Portable

Uncover the incredible Brake-Boss® Portable air-brake tester—an innovative and versatile solution designed to revolutionize how you test your air-brakes. Say goodbye to manual testing and embrace a more efficient and effective way to ensure your trains safe and compliant.

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The Brake-Boss® App

With the Brake-Boss® App, car inspectors can effortlessly contol air-brake tests using the YardMaster® or Brake-Boss® Portable devices, enabling seamless air-brake tests to be conducted with ease.

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