Brake-Boss<span class='fw-normal ms-1'>®</span> Support

Brake-Boss® Support

24 hours a day, 7 days and week, 365 days a year.

We Got Your Back.

We understand that time is money and you can't afford down-time in the rail yard. If you experience an issue with your Brake-Boss product just call our Service Department at (800) 597-5008 or go to our Contact Us page and we'll get the problem resolved.
"The support that we have received from the Brake-Boss Team is unmatched and is the type of top-notch service that we appreciate."
Jason Owensby - Canadian National
Supervisor/Manager Kirk Yard - Gary, IN


Testing units require calibration every 365 days.

Brake-Boss Portable units can be calibrated at our service center; contact us for instructions.

For YardMaster units, on-site calibration service is available. For calibration service questions please call our Service Department at 800-597-5008 or go to our Contact Us page.

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