The YardMaster<span class='fw-normal ms-1'>®</span>

The YardMaster®

The multi-track solution for the Brake-Boss® air-brake tester.

Let's Move Some Trains.

Introducing the YardMaster®- a revolutionary trackside innovation designed to seamlessly integrate with the cutting-edge Brake-Boss® air-brake tester. Say goodbye to inefficient testing methods with the YardMaster®, enabling simultaneous testing of multiple trains on different tracks. By effortlessly tapping into the yard's air supply and power, this advancement not only enhances train turnaround times but also ensures smooth and efficient operations. Take charge of tests effortlessly through the user-friendly touch screen on the YardMaster® unit or the intuitive Brake-Boss® App.


The patented YardMaster® stands out as an innovative automated Class 1 air-brake leakage test device that not only saves valuable time and money but also reduces any chances of human error during the testing process. This cutting-edge device is strategically installed in rail yards, where its robust design and construction are tailored to endure extreme weather conditions and the demanding nature of yard operations. Its high-flow manifold system ensures fast train charge times and reliable cold-weather charging, enhancing operational efficiency. The convenience of remotely controlling brake tests through the Brake-Boss® app or directly via the YardMaster® kiosk further streamlines operations. With the capability to accommodate the number of tracks you require, the YardMaster® emerges as a versatile and indispensable tool for rail yards seeking enhanced safety, efficiency, and accuracy in their air-brake testing procedures.


The YardMaster® climate controlled enclosure varies in size by the number of managed tracks. This versatile system is designed with an enclosure that not only facilitates convenient access to internal components but also provides an interface for YardMaster® kiosk operators to efficiently monitor and control operations. Whether you require a permanent installation within a container, building, or on an exterior concrete slab, the YardMaster® is adaptable to meet diverse needs while adhering to up to NEMA 4X standards, ensuring durability and reliability in various operating environments.
"The biggest change we've since installing our Brake-Boss system is the savings in steps and time. It also allows us to audit how our employees are performing brake tests. I only have good things to say about the Brake-Boss system!"
Cody S Ray - Union Pacific
Supervisor/Manager Englewood Yard - Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

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A single YardMaster® can cover up to 14 tracks. Need more track coverage? Additional YardMaster® units can be installed to cover even more tracks.

You bet. When crafting these units, our team faced a major challenge: ensuring top-notch durability. The YardMaster® not only meets but exceeds military standards, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Absolutely. The YardMaster® when closed is completely watertight. Crafted to withstand the harshest of conditions, the YardMaster® can handle extreme temperatures and weather, ensuring unparalleled protection.

The units need calibration every 365 days of use.

The YardMaster® In The Field

The YardMaster at work in the field.
The YardMaster at work in the field.
The YardMaster at work in the field.
The YardMaster at work in the field.
The YardMaster at work in the field.
The YardMaster at work in the field.


Dimensions 48"W x 50"D x 84"H
122cm W x 127cm D x 213cm H
Weight 800 lbs to 1,200 lbs
363 kg to 544 kg
Power 110VAC @ 28A w/ heater
110VAC @ 15A w/o heater
Data Connectivity Cellular or Ethernet
Operating Temperatues -30°F to 120°F
-34°C to 49°C
Air Requirements 100 -130 PSI @ ~400 CFM
Air Line Reccomendations Supply - 3" HDPE
Output - 2" HDPE
Varies based on number of tracks.

Product Warranty

The YardMaster® is backed by a robust standard 1-year warranty safeguarding every component against manufacturer's defects and unit failures. For those seeking ultimate peace-of-mind, an extended warranty option is available at the time of ordering. Elevate your protection with an additional 2-year coverage, extending the warranty to a total of 3 years.

Warranty coverage does not extend beyond normal wear and tear or negligent use of product.


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