Brake-Boss<span style='font-weight:normal'>®</span> REST API

Brake-Boss® REST API

Empowing your team to build robust integrations to your back-end systems.

Data At Your Fingertips

The Brake-Boss® Data API is a powerful tool that empowers developers to effortlessly access air-brake test data and monitor the status of their Brake-Boss® devices.

Our innovative API is crafted using REST principles, ensuring user-friendly and easily navigable URLs that simplify the process of building applications. By adhering to HTTP rules, our API supports seamless interaction with a diverse range of HTTP clients, enhancing accessibility and flexibility. Data is conveniently retrieved in a JSON format and seamlessly integrated into your back-end system for efficient handling.

Excited to get started? Dive into our comprehensive API documentation designed to support your development team every step of the way. Simply acquire an API key and unlock the potential of the Brake-Boss® Data API for your Brake-Boss® products. Connect with our team today to gain exclusive access and elevate your development experience.

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