The Brake-Boss® Digital Air Brake Testing Device

Keep your trains, employees, costs and safety concerns ON TRACK!

The Brake-Boss® from Connected Controls Incorporated is the first and only, fully functional, digital air-brake testing device for trains of any length. Designed and engineered with your environment and the extreme demand placed on your equipment in mind; the Brake-Boss® will exceed your yard's airbrake testing expectations.

Designed to afford the user complete compliance with all airbrake testing requirements, the Brake-Boss™ offers:

  • Class 1 (Plus Canadian Version) air-brake testing with 100% accurate and verifiable results guaranteed
  • Test data provides peace of mind, accountability, system monitoring, and much more!
  • Fully integrated components
  • Durability and ease-of-use
  • Quick and easy testing that can give you faster turn arounds on testing your trains by providing a useful tool for your inspectors.
  • Savings on time & money
  • Units designed to meet IP67 specifications
US PATENTED # 11,479,230 & # 10,814,857
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The Brake-Boss® portable air brake tester is a flexibile solution for your yard. Controlled directly on the portable device or with the Brake-Boss app.


  • YardMasterTM is the permanent trackside enclosure for the Brake-BossTM digital air brake tester.
  • The YardMasterTM is capable of testing multiple trains on different tracks at the same time.
  • Permanent attachment to the yard air supply and power increases train turn-around time and ease of operation.


The Brake-Boss® App allows the user to contol the YardMaster remotely to perform air brake tests.